"Hide Terrain Objects Module" affecting ALiVE?

  1. 3 years ago
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    I have been watching a test for a mission that I am running on our dedicated server and have noticed that items are still spawned into the bases, houses, strategic areas of the map even after the Hide Terrain Objects Module is placed down to help eliminate fps hogging stuff on maps. As a side note I have also noticed that the AI (using VCOM) still utilizes cover (rocks, trees, houses, etc...) that are eliminated from the map with that same module. After watching this for several days now I believe as does another mission maker in our community that this module is one of the last items activated by Arma 3 when a mission is loaded.

    So now for my question is anyone else noticing this on mission starts and if so is it causing massive RPT files and issues with persistence and saving/restarting the missions?

  2. Our server fps is maxed and we have about 800+ AI on the map atm. We don't use VCOM because it's a performance hog but that's my own opinion.

  3. @Mannulus we haven't noticed any performance hits with VCOM as the primary driver. We have noticed that on Lythium all the Jbad buildings are creating major problems. As we have noticed in other areas and we have a similar thing with large numbers of AI but VCOM isn't a problem for us....well when it breaks a few things like it has with their laser like shooting of late.

  4. FYI there's even an option in the VCOM config to turn it off if server FPS gets below a certain level.

    It's definitely worth running.


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