AI populationg map in Helicopters on initial startup

  1. 3 years ago

    Ive been working on an alive unsung mission for a while now. It has been populating the blufor AI at the start of the mission on my dedicated server through spawning. Now all of the sudden on mission start on the server, blufor dosent initially spwn, they try to come in on helicopters, which results in a huge crash of helos. It has been working fine and I havent changed anything in the way blufor spawns as far as I know. When I test the mission in the editor it works as it should. any ideas?

  2. Double-check and make sure your server has all the required mods for the mission - does it spawn UNSUNG units or vanilla BIS units?

    We'll need to look at your server's RPT file which can be found in the root Arma3 directory. Post it to or similar and link back here.


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