VCom and ALiVE

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  2. 4 years ago

    VCOM has been a resource hog for a bit now,

  3. so i have been using ASR for a bit and i noticed i can't call logistics with it

  4. I have been running a combination of

    Tactical Combat Link - ( TypeX )

    And LAMBs

  5. Whilst in Zeus and watching friendly units, I have noticed a weird bug. The unit will stand still, and start to raise their gun, then lower, then raise.
    Almost as if they are stuck in a half completed animation loop?

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    Thank you JD_Wang, VCOM stopped taking over my combat support! However, I believe I may have come across another similar problem. When running missions, say, to rescue a downed pilot, everything goes according to plan, you can find the pilot, it pops a blue "beacon" marker on the map, I can even walk up and rescue him...But, if I am not there within seconds, he will just run off like a bat out of a cave and I presume following VCOM's script...Any suggestions? As it stands, I am just blacklisting any missions that have to do with AI. However, I haven't had any issues with "troop insertion" missions at the moment.

  7. Deleted 4 years ago by Beyaco
  8. Honestly this is half the reason I stopped using VCOM and now run a combination of LAMBS Danger fsm and CF_BAI as neither mod generate waypoints so you don't have helicopters all flying off, or any of the other funky stuff that happens with VCOM.

    The only thing I miss is VCOM's ability to deployable static weapons (something nkenny has talked about for LAMBS) but that's just a small niche case


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