Question...Why will vehicles not save correctly?

  1. 4 years ago
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    So Jerkinmerkin has built a new mission that we in Spearhead are starting up. However none of the vehicles we have in the mission will save in the spots we leave them. We have tried saving the server between 2 minutes and 30 minutes after initial joining and we get the same result. People can persist in the places they player exit from while the rest of the items; helo's, planes, tanks, etc... all revert to their original spawn position on server start.

    Can provide rpt, mod list and mission file as needed.


  2. You'll need to enable logistics persistence.

  3. That was done in several different itterations with the mission. He did pull R3F out of the mission and vehicles saved correctly but we want to make sure others are not having the same issues before we start back trying to implement R3F Logistics.

  4. I have had no luck with r3f and ALiVE so far, but I havent tried r3f for maybe 6months

  5. We put R3F back into our mission and none of the vehicles are saving correctly again. Player saves as they should but vehicles all start back in the original start positions regardless of where you left them after interacting with them.

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    So vehicles aren't saved both with and without R3F?

  7. If we have R3F it seems that vehicles are not saved correctly but if we take it out then vehicles seem to save correctly. We are still testing to verify.

  8. Yeah R3F is not supported by default, see Mod compatibility at

  9. Yeah we are using that for getting it working but it still does not function correctly. There has to be something not working correctly. We are working on finding out what that is right now.


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