Few trivial questions(SOLVED)

  1. 5 years ago

    I am less confident with some of the ALiVE modules and my understanding of them so anyone who can help clarify would be greatly appreciated.

    With the placement modules and AI Commanders, is the forces focused where you place the module or where you place the commander. For example If I place a Module and the Commander in Syrta and then another placement module in kavala will the force be focused around the two placement modules then expand out or is it focused in Syrta because the ai commander is placed their.

    Another thing is with only having a opfor force they seem very unaware of my and my friends when we test the mission, do I need to sync the players to a module or place a bluefor commander? If I place a bluefor commander do I need to also place placement modules and set them to objective only? This is the one I am struggling to understand the most.

    Currently I have went simple to test some ideas so I have an AI commander set to asymmetric that is then synced to a CQB module, civilian placement, and military placement. I then have an Civilian placement, and Civilian populace module. The AI seems very unaware, and unreacting to our existance. They react when confronted but thats it. In the future I am going to add some placement modules and remove some taors in order to tweak the mission to a story but I wanna make sure I am understaning the above things fully before I move on to the more advanced.

    Thank you for any help and thank you for everyone time in the ALiVE development, this mod is extremely entertaining and exciting.

  2. 1. The forces are focused at neither position. Units created by the placement module will be spread out over the objectives that the placement module covers.
    It's worth noting that if the commander is set to asymmetric, the insurgent will start in objectives around the commander module position. Also, if you are creating a field HQ in the Military placement module, it will pick a location near the military placement modules position.

    2. You must sync the placement modules that spawn your side's units to the other side's commander. This makes the enemy commander aware of the objectives that your side's placement module creates, and he will attempt to attack them.
    If you want your side's forces to attack enemy positions, you must repeat the above process, but instead using the enemy side's placement modules and your side's commander module.

  3. Thank you for your reply.

    In response to the second point I am not using any AI blue forces. All the blue forces will be players. I am trying to find a method to make the Opfore more aware of our existence. They seem to be clueless that we are on the map at all. Even when engaging them it appears at times I can blow something up 300m away from them and they just keep walking like it was nothing.

  4. Cool guys never look at explosions ;)

    That probably comes down to bad BIS AI more than anything in ALiVE. Try running an AI mod like @ASR_AI and see if it helps with the 'stupidness'

  5. Are you just using standard OPF and BLU units? They really should be recognizing you and engaging from further than than 300M. Evidenced by the countless threads on Steam with people complaining about being sniped by 100000000 meters with just a rifle and no scope.

  6. @SavageCDN fixed it.

  7. Which issue? Mind sharing the solution too?

  8. I'm assuming he meant the issue with AI not responding well to player contact, and he fixed it by using ASR.

  9. @SpyderBlack723 I'm assuming he meant the issue with AI not responding well to player contact, and he fixed it by using ASR.

  10. I did run into an interesting thing today, the toar markers can not be uneven in the x:y planes. Other wise my modules would not notice them or profile any thing in its area.

    The biggest issue I have how ever is that with alive spawning groups and not units, it is spawning like squads of btrs and 6 tanks and so on instead of 1

  11. Edited 5 years ago by SpyderBlack723

    Yes, the TAOR thing a BIS problem relating to BIS_fnc_inTrigger. Hopefully this should be resolved in 1.58 when BIS introduces the inArea command.

    You can create a custom groups config that reduces the amount of armor units in each group.


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