1. 5 years ago

    I recently have been experimenting with the ALiVE modules, using RHS and ACE 3.5.0, and I have experienced IED's explode with either Soldiers or Vehicles next to them without delivering damage to any of the surrounding units. The easiest one to replicate is the Vehicle-IEDs as they seem to explode and then the Vehicle with the IED attached just disappears?

    There appears to be another post about this topic here: however it didn't obtain a reply?

    Is it something to do with the way that ACE registers damage?

    Thank's for any help you guys can give! Its a great community supporting this great mod!

  2. Will give it a test today.

    If you could repro with only ALiVE and CBA mods running that would be great.


  3. Ok, I tested it with just ALiVE and CBA, same thing occurs! The Vehicle-IEDs give no damage to me even when stood next to the vehicle? What results did you have?

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    I can't seem to reproduce this behavior. Both IED's and VBIED's are killing me with a 100% success rate.

    Can you share your .RPT file from the testing session.

  5. Do you want the .RPT file from with additional mods?

  6. RPT from CBA, ALiVE only preferred

  7. Marking as solved for now - please post back if that is not the case.

  8. Same issue is happening for me over the last few days. Person who set it off gets messed up but guys standing next to it dont get harmed, they are also not hearing the explosion. Is it possible ALiVE is executing the IED explosion locally instead of server wide.

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    Whether the explosion is created on the server or the player's locality, the effects should remain global (using createVehicle -global variant)

  10. Was just a suggestion, either way we tested on a dozen IEDs and when we walk up who ever sets it off takes the damage and I only ever heard the explosion of the ied itself a few times. I noticed I was also not seeing it about half the time.

    It is worth noting I am running EODs but am not using the EODs IEDs with alive currently.

  11. Sorry wanted to add to this, just encountered a suicide bomber and I walked up to him, arrested, searched, and even tried to ace interact with him but he wouldnt blow up. He did blow up when I shot him but wouldnt go off before then. I noticed that when trying to search him that it tossed me a script error involving EODs. Maybe just an issue between EODs and ALiVE.

  12. Yeah I would test without EOD running to confirm that there isn't a conflict there.

  13. So was EODs the issue?

  14. Sorry didnt get the chance to test it today, will report back when I get time tomorrow.

  15. 4 years ago

    Sorry for a very late reply, Using the EODs ieds does solve the issue. We can now hear and get damaged by the ieds that other people set off. How ever I have noticed a few others issues but I am going to bring up its own post seeing as they are of a different nature and mostly EODs related.


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