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    How is the size of group determined when being spawned by ALiVE?
    Is it in my the configs of the unit pack or does ALiVE pick how many men to assign to a group?

    Mostly I'm asking because for insurgents I would rather it was 2 or 4 man cells instead of 8-10 man groups. I just don't want 8-10 Taliban in a wedge formation when they should be in smaller groups hiding etc.

    Ps is it easier if I just place my 2 or 4 man groups down manually and let ALiVE profile them?
    An option in the AI commander module or custom obj module settings would be nice to ask what size teams you want maximum etc :)

  2. Is it in my the configs of the unit pack

    Yes, ALiVE picks a group to spawn, the amount of units in that group is up to whoever made those groups

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    Yeah makes sense. Maquez over at BIS was just explaining this about why he no longer uses Leights OPFOR (too many units and units also mix in tanks etc).

  4. why not add more control over this, at this point its nearly not possible to use armor or mechanized units because your sure to get 6 for the price of one with any vanilla arma faction?

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    We'd have to define groups on the fly, profile them and then restore the same groups for potentially thousands of profiles. It would add a pretty significant performance overhead. Essentially the mission maker would have to predefine every possible group that they want spawned and with which classnames included and may as well make a custom group.cfg because that'd be easier!

    If you want more control over what's spawning now, place units manually and have them profiled by ALiVE.

  6. I never use other type of force than light infantry, some factions just have terrible group for motorized, armored etc...
    3 ZSU-23 group is really hard to handle for example. I prefer spawn armored units by my self to improve realism.
    I stopped to use Leight OpFor as ALiVE factions, terrible groups settings (just 4 for each factions), and armored vehicle are bugged with ACE, no way to destroy them.


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