Kunduz Map

  1. 5 years ago

    Are you guys going to add the Kunduz map to the supported maps? I love to play on this map but i love to use ALiVE as well. Currently I cant use them both together. Thank you for any answer!

    Map - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27882

  2. It's on the list but unfortunately did not make it into 0.9.7... also updates for it are being released frequently so it's best to wait until that settles down a bit as the map indexing usually has to be re-done on map updates.


  3. how hard is it to index? Just curious about difficulty and length of time.

  4. Depending on map it is 2-4 hours of computing time (ie: you can't do anything but wait once process starts) and then some code cleanup, beers and testing... probably a few more hours*

    * I've never done it but I did watch a sassy dev video ;)

  5. Friznit

    10 Apr 2015 Administrator

    And then the map gets updated and you have to start over ;)

  6. Well if its something someone else can do. I would love to help :)

  7. I am really interested in Kunduz as a ALiVE map now that they said no more daily updates. Can anyone do this process? I would dedicate 2-4 hours of my computer just to get it processed.

  8. it also requires access to the alive team's dev tools as well as decent knowledge of Arma wizardry. In the past there was some hesitation on allowing others this kind of access.

    That being said I might be helping out with indexing in the near future so devs can spend more time devving. This means more maps indexed more frequently. I don't know if it will be opened up any further than that...time will tell.

  9. Well i will buy some beer for the dev that index's that map :)

  10. Just received another update, waiting is the best idea as one update can break the index. We don't want another Bornholm for them to deal with ;)

  11. Its now a week without an update. When can we expect the support?

  12. Friznit

    21 Apr 2015 Administrator

    When it's ready. Devs also have lives. Asking repeatedly won't make it go any faster.

  13. Deleted 5 years ago by Friznit
  14. correct. But it holds this topic actual and remember the devs on this - i hope :) When you create such a nice Modification, is it not hard to forget something like that. :)

  15. Tupolov

    21 Apr 2015 Administrator

    No it just annoys the hell out of people :)

    Seriously though, we know Kunduz is wanted. We will index it when we can and when the map devs release a "final" map.

  16. Edited 5 years ago by SpyderBlack723

    If it's on dev heaven, they know about it and won't forget. Unless Savage got the knowledge over the weekend, Hazey is the only one who indexes (to my knowledge) and there were plenty of maps suggested before Kunduz.


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